Australian Open Tennis Betting Start Every Year Of January

The international tennis circuit is extremely busy, with tournaments taking place every single week. This provides an almost inexhaustible level of betting options if this sport is your passion; especially since each week sees a men’s’ and women’s’ tournament being contested. Sports books catering to the tennis fraternity are therefore very well developed, with a wide range of betting options available. This tennis Australian open betting is clearly no different and includes all the anticipated additional categories such as doubles and mixed doubles matches too, creating a huge amount of wagering opportunities.

Online Tennis Betting

Some of the options to place online wagers on with respect to tennis Australian Open betting, aside from directly wagering on the winners of the tournament, are; which players will reach the finals of this major championship, the winners of individual matches within the tournament, the scores in any particular match and the number of sets played by each player. Some bookmakers or sports betting sites will allow punters to choose losers of particular matches and finals, and occasionally even allow live betting, which is a devastatingly exciting way of betting on the action as the match ebbs and flows on court. Expert punters get to analyse rapidly changing odds as it varies during the course of key matches. Imagine being able to make bets during the Australian Open final, as Novak Djokovic finally overcomes a defiant Raphael Nadal.

Using Tennis Knowledge for Profit

Online or mobile tennis betting can be an extremely profitable hobby, particularly if punters use their knowledge, intuition and experience well. Winning punters, well versed in the nuances of the sport, advise anyone wanting to reap significant rewards to conduct as much research as possible to maximize their winning potential. Knowing the history, statistics, condition and capabilities of players and coaches, coupled with intuition and knowledge of current form, are still the best available indicators for tennis Australian Open betting.

There are many AFL grand finals betting online sites. With such a market and penchant for betting that sports aficionados display, it is not a big surprise that so many options will be found at tennis Australian Open betting sites. Another benefit of all this popularity is the high standards of quality, great odds and brilliant online environment that punters can expect these days.

Expectations of Sports Books

Such well-utilised tennis Australian Open betting sites also offer their members 24/7 customer support, and have accredited security as well as being independently audited and regulated.

Good sports betting sites also offer full financial convenience. A proper gambling experience should be devoid of complications when depositing or withdrawing money. There are so many online payment methods available that it is well worth your while to make sure that your selected tennis Australian open betting site also suits your payment scheme.

Current Odds

The current singles champions of the Australian Open are Novak Djokovic, who beat Andy Murray in the 2015 final, and for the women, Serena Williams, who defeated Maria Sharapova in the Women’s Final. The current tennis Australian Open betting odds therefore also favour these winners from last year, and they are favourites to win, with Djokovic at even money, Andy Murray the second favourite at 4/1, and Roger Federer at 7/1. Nadal and Wawrinka follow at 10/1 and 12/1 respectively.