Casino Hold ‘em

Casino Hold ‘em Available Online

Casino Hold ‘em is a poker themed card game that puts players up against a banker, rather than a standard poker game where one winner is determined out of a table of players. This gambling online nz setup has made this game popular in casinos, both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. This system of play also makes Casino Hold ‘em ideal for live dealer streaming in online casinos. This is where a single dealer is live video streamed to a number of players at the same time. They simply need one video feed of the dealer and not each player, as would be required by a standard poker game in a live stream setting.

The Development of Casino Hold ‘em

Stephen Ay-Yeung is credit with the development of Casino Hold ‘em. He created the game to serve as a training tool for new poker players. Due to all players competing with one banker, Casino Hold ‘em is ideal for training a group of players. Casino Hold ‘em was first played live in 2002 and has since become a staple of many online casino sites.

How To Play Casino Hold ‘em

Casino Hold ‘em is played with a standard 52 card deck. The hand values are a variant of standard poker hands, adjusted to work in the Casino Hold ‘em system where players don’t just simply win or lose, but instead get rewarded according to a pay table, since there is a group of people matched against the banker. The game play is strongly influenced by Texas Hold ‘em poker.

Wagering in Casino Hold ‘em

Each player starts the game by making a wager. They the players and the dealer both recieve two face down cards. Three cards are placed on the table, with the aim being to make a poker hand with the cards in player’s hands as well as the cards dealt to the community on the table. After the three table cards and the two cards dealt to players, players can make additional wagers or they can decide to fold. After the second round of wagers two more community cards are dealt to the table, making a total of 5 community cards. After the 5 table cards have been dealt and wagers have been made, the player hand will be compared to the banker hand. The Dealer must at least have a pair of fours to qualify for further play. If the dealer does not make the cut, the players will receive their initial wager paid back according to a specific Casino Hold ‘em pay table.

Casino Hold ‘em Side Bets And Pay Table

Players can make side bets at the start of the game, based on the two cards in hand and the first three table cards. The House edge in Casino Hold ‘em is roughly 2% to 2.5%. These can vary between Casino Hold ‘em titles, depending on the rule variation for that specific title. The standard pay table for Casino Hold ‘em will pay out. A Straight or less pays out at a 1:1 ratio. A Flush pays out 2:1, a full house pays out 3:1, four of a kind will pay out 10:1. The straight Flush will pay 20:1 and a Royal Flush pays 100:1