Free Casino Entertainment At Your Fingertips

Since the 1990’s when the first free casinos were born online, there have been many online casinos created that offer both the opportunity to play for real money, as well as the option to play for free credits just like any other free games. Some have prospered while others have failed, but the greatest ones are still going and for good reason. Online Real Money and Free Casinos provide not just the service of your gaming pleasure, but also the added advantage of being easily accessible, reliable and fun.

The Many Types of Casinos

There are many different types of online casinos, many brands and themes, but they can most often be divided into five main categories, Free, Real Money, Web based, Download and Mobile.

The Free Casino is likely the most sought after of all the types. Not because it’s offers anything more than any of the others but because it requires no dedication on the player’s part whatsoever. A person playing at a free casino or using free gaming software has no obligation to switch over to a real money account at any point. The games are simply there to play for as long as your wish, which is what makes the free casinos so tantalising to casual players.

Real money account however require real cash deposited to play, but on the other hand offer real money rewards when you win. This obviously makes those massive jackpots that are in the millions… very enticing!

The Different ways to Play at Free Casinos

Web based free casinos can be played within your internet browser, something like Google’s Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. This type of online casino uses Flash or Java technology to play the game, giving the player the opportunity to play from any computer they want without having to download or install anything. While the graphics may not be as good as downloaded casino software, they serve well enough for the player on the move, or for someone who does not want anything installed on their PC.

The Downloaded online casino software is by far the most superior in terms of graphics, number of games and reliability and is the biggest choice of those playing at free casinos. For this to work, you would need to download the casino software on your PC or Mac and install it. Once that is done and your account is created, you can boot up a free game in a matter of seconds, browse hundreds of games and enjoy some of the most spectacular gaming graphics on the web. Downloaded casinos have many advantages, but the most obvious is the stellar gameplay, number of games, sound effects and animations. Neither Flash nor Mobile can top it.

The Mobile online casino is exactly what its name suggests; it will allow you to download an “app” on your mobile phone or tablet device and play for free. As long as this device has an internet connection, you will be able to play at a free online casino anywhere you want. You could be waiting at the bank, or on the train to work, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can get online, you can play. There are many mobile devices that support free casinos as well, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are famous for handling superior graphic applications.

Whatever your preference, there is a free casino for you. The great bingo bonuses in NZ will offer all five options, giving you the chance to play anytime you want, in any way you want.