iPhone Pachinko Gives Total Mobile Access

iPhone owners have discovered that these versatile devices can run their business and social lives, and also function as an all-in-one entertainment hub. They give users constant access to music, videos, and all the games they could wish for, even somewhat obscure mobile casino games like Pachinko.

There are now plenty of iPhone mobile casino Canada options available, coding their games for mobile play on all platforms to increase their customer base. Pachinko fans can find downloadable iPhone Pachinko apps, or they can play the game direct via the phone’s browser on other sites.

Making the Most of Mobile Capabilities

Pachinko games compatible with the iPhone will also play on an iPad, so players can use whichever device they prefer. The processing power of these devices, along with the high-quality graphics, animations and sound effects they deliver, make casino games an immersive experience.

The size of the iPhone screen and the touchscreen controls also enhance the feel of iPhone Pachinko. With its combination of aspects of pinball and slot machines, being able to see all the Pachinko features clearly on the screen is a must. Controls can be managed with simple taps and swipes, and the crazy music that is a traditional part of the game is rendered in all its frenetic glory by the iPhone’s sound reproduction.

Pachinko for Beginners: Catching the Fever

Pachinko originally began in Japan as a completely mechanical game. It incorporates aspects of Pinball, but the table is vertical instead of horizontal. To start, the player shoots a silver ball up a chute next to the table. There are various pin obstructions laid out in patterns on the table, which affect the path of the ball as it drops back down. At the bottom of the table, there are various slots into which the ball can fall, and these determine whether the player gets more balls to shoot, moves on to a prize-winning round, or loses for that turn.

Basic Pachinko play involves trying to score repeat balls, to keep shooting until one of them triggers the slots-like portion of the game. This is similar to a slots bonus feature, set in the centre of the table; in some versions of Pachinko, it involves spinning actual slots reels. The major skill a player needs to learn, is how to adjust the speed and direction of balls shot up the shoot, so that they bounce off the right pins to trigger bonus rounds faster, which is where they can rack up the big prizes.

Play for Free or for Real Money

Although mechanical Pachinko arcades were phenomenally popular in Japan, gambling was at the time officially illegal, so players were paid only in extra free balls, and ticket tokens for the big wins. These tickets could be redeemed for “prizes”, often including cash, at nearby Pachinko stores.

Modern iPhone Pachinko players, of course, will not need this elaborate subterfuge. If the thrill of the game is all they are after, there are free versions that allow them to play for credits only. If they want to bet real money, they simply need to find iPhone Pachinko at a real-money mobile casino licensed in a jurisdiction that they are legally allowed to play in.